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Monday, September 19, 2005

number thirteen...it has been a while

It has been a while since I've posted. I haven't felt very inspired lately and quite honestly I have been extremely busy.
G. still likes his job although he can't get his boss to "officially" hire him. He was originally hired on a 3 week trial basis. He was told that he was doing a great job and the paperwork was in process. So far, no paperwork, no health insurance, and no assurance of any kind for the future. His boss is paid around $220,000 so I am sure that extra $30,000 G. was hoping for is just asking too much. In case you are wondering, I know the salary of his boss because G. has to do spread sheets figuring out costs of the department. In 1999 he was making $170,000 that is approximately a 30% raise in 6 years. If that was the case for G. he would be making $39,000 by 2011. Doubtful. As the rich get richer the middle class settles for a lower and lower standard of living.
Right now I am reading Barbara Ehrenreich's book entitled "Bait and Switch". She is the same author who wrote "Nickled and Dimed in America." "Bait and Switch" focuses on the job difficulties of the white collar worker. It is actually relieving to read. When I was looking for a job I thought that I was the only one having this much trouble. Looking for a job is SO humiliating and depressing. You are forced to lie, attend networking events with people who are falsely enthusiastic, and ultimately settle for jobs that are less than rewarding. Blue collar workers are not the only ones living pay check to pay check.
My job at the gallery finally ended and I have decided to start my own retail business. I have been writing a business plan for weeks so that I can get a loan. I have found this to be very helpful although I went into it thinking it was just an avenue to get what I want. Looking at real estate has been fun and there are two potential properties that I may lease. The stuff from my boss' old business is going to be auctioned off and hopefully I will have the loan in time to buy some (or all) of it. That would save me A LOT of money.
I will keep you posted. And hey, if you own a business I sure could use some advice.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

number twelve....So much to do I think I'll take a nap

It is Sunday again...my only real day off. I had big plans to work on a business plan so that I can start my own business...but I couldn't get out of bed. When I finally got up I took a shower and then G and I headed off to look at houses. We are dreaming. We found one that is SOOO fabulous. I fell in love with it and I know in my heart it is mine. I don't know where we will get the money but I am going to try and find a way.
When we finally got home at about 4:00 I was so exhausted I went back to sleep for almost three hours. I am not sure what is wrong but I got NOTHING accomplished today and I feel like a slug. I have a job due on Thursday for a client and although I have worked on it I haven't gotten much done there either. The information that should have been out there isn't so now I am worried.

G still doesn't know if they are keeping him at his job. He should find out this week. That means he will also have to negotiate a salary. I hope he gets the high end of the range. If anybody ever needed money it is us. I think we have about $200 in the bank with many bills to pay.....at least we are in a better place than we were a few weeks ago. Everything may be turning around.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

number eleven....freelancing and other stuff

I woke up this morning sore all over my body. I started coaching two weeks ago and decided I would start sprinting with the girls. I forgot how sore my body gets during field hockey conditioning.
In other news, G seems to really like his new job. He is still working on "conditional" basis the condition being that he has to do a good job. I know he is doing a good job and we are hoping that he finds out next week that he is a permanent worker. I, on the other hand, have lost my job at the gallery. I will miss the creativity but honestly I was tired of managing a retail establishment and not getting compensated for it because my boss lives in denial. Don't get me wrong, we are friends. I like her as a person. She just gave up on the business two years ago and is just now figuring it out. I have been freelancing for a couple of papers around town and think I am going to pursue the dream of writing for a living. I got the first article published after making a bet with G. I was trying to get his butt in gear to freelance and make some money while he was looking for a job. He told me it was really hard to freelance in this city. I told him that I bet if I worked hard enough I could do it. He took that bet and guess what. I had my first article published.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

number ten.....Weekend at the lake

G's job is going well. He is still unsure about exactly what he is supposed to do but he seems to like it as much as he can. In an ironic twist I lost my job on Friday. I noticed a for lease sign outside so I went in on my day off and said to my boss, "what is going on?" She said, "I was going to tell you Monday, we are bankrupt and we are going out of business." "Um, when were you going to tell me?" I ask. You see, my business has been going VERY slowly lately and the money thing could have been a HUGE issue if G hadn't gotten a job and I lost my part time job in the gallery. " I was waiting until G found a job" she said. Character is a big issue here but I assume if you are reading this you can come to your own conclusion. I will just say she has known this was coming for about three months and waited to tell me until the store was going to close in less than a month. Bugger.
In happier news we went to my best friend's J's houseboat for the weekend. My friends K and C were also there. It is a fabulous houseboat and we had a great time. The water was so clean we could actually see through it. I played on the wave runner, we drank good wine, and had great conversations. Every morning we swam in what seemed like the largest bathtub on earth and at night the slow motion of the water rocked us to sleep. It was a peaceful place and truly the break could not have come at a better time. The best part was the G was the only man there and I was so proud of the fact that he doesn't pout when we talk about dirty stuff, he doesn't expect me to hang out with him the whole time, and he actually gets along with my friends and adds to the conversation without being overbearing. He is such a great husband (if a bit moody sometimes) but I love him and I realized this weekend just how great I have it. It was funny because on that houseboat this weekend we all had something everybody else probably wishes they could have. One of us has a great deal of money, one of us has a really great career, one of us has an incredible body, and one of us has an incredible husband. I wouldn't trade mine for any of the others.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We are not afraid

Check out this interesting site. It is a site that allows pictures to be posted that say "we are not afraid of what happened in London." If everyone in the west adopts this attitude it is going to be even harder for Bush and Blair to make a case for war. I am worried that Iran may be next.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

number nine...it's a strange, strange world

Funny, how something thousands of miles away can put your life into perspective. G finally has some decent job prospects (that cable job) as well as a research job at a local university. His boss would be a Scottish gentleman. They got on really well on the phone on Friday and he was asked in for an interview on Monday. It does not really matter as much to me anymore. G could have easily been on the Aldgate East train if he still lived in London...but he doesn't live there and he wasn't on that train. The job thing still matters a great deal to him. His freelance writing has basically dried up and even though he is still writing his plays he rarely thinks they are good enough to submit. He feels lazy or worthless or something like that without a job. I completely understand because I have been there before but I am grateful that he gave up that "great" job in London and moved here.
As corny as it sounds we have made a silent pact to enjoy every day and each other more. We actually slept in this morning. In fact, I got up at 10:00, ate breakfast, and fell asleep on the couch for two more hours. At 3:00 we went and played Putt Putt (or crazy golf as G. likes to call it.) We were going to go to a movie but nothing looks good. It would be a nice time for a French film to come out but no such luck. Instead we came home and I came down to the basement to blog while G. watches a film on the Sundance Channel. Simple pleasures.
Tomorrow I call about volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

number eight...wake up world London was bombed

Watching the news today was so sad for us. One of the stations where a train was blown up is almost across the street from G's mom's house. She is fine as is his brother and his neice. What can be said that is not trite or cliche? I used to live in London and G lived there for the first 29 years before he moved here to marry me. We still own his flat there. London is my second home and his first. This really hurts. The anger and the desperation it takes to do something so cruel, so evil is beyond most of humanity I hope. In Iraq every day there are suicide bombers and little is covered about it on the news. I am embarrassed to say it but Americans are not focusing on this as much as they should. I hesitate to even post what I am about to post but I think it is necessary.

Today, G got a phone call from that cable company that he has been interviewing with. They want to get a recommendation over the phone from his old company. The conversation went like this:

HR cable woman: Hi G. I heard about London. Hope your family is ok.
G: Yes, I just talked to my mother and things are a bit crazy but they are fine thank you.
HR cable woman: Listen, I need to get a recommendation from your old company today could you give me the phone number?
G: Um, well they are pretty close to the tube station that was blown up but if you really want it here it is (gives number with hesitation and shock in his voice)
HR cable woman: Ok, I'm going to call them now.

Uh, hello lady. London was just attacked. Some of the employees from that company may have been on the train. I am sure they will really appreciate you calling. When the World Trade Center was bombed do you think she called the deli next door and ordered carry out?
Out of touch. Completely out of touch. God, it is so embarrasing. G doesn't have a job but this ignoramous does? Give me a freakin break. Everyone is so self involved. I am sick of it. So sick of it. I want the west, particularly this country to wake up and actually SEE what is going on in the rest of the world. AIDS, war, famine, genocide, descruction, poverty. I am guilty of hanging out and watching HGTV too but I try to give back. I am working on it. Things will be different from now on I swear.